Weekend Eats 1-7-13

Now that things are back to normal and the holidays aren’t making every day feel like the weekend, it’s time to continue with my (increasingly) regular Weekend Eats posts!
Fridays may technically be workdays, but the mentality I have on a Friday morning is so much different than any other weekday. Especially when it starts with a doughnut.
My coworker treated me to a cinnamon sugar twist from Glazed. After that delicious, sugar-coated, fried dough was in my system, I was ready to plow my way through the day. The coffee might have helped too.
For dinner on Friday night, Greg and I stayed in and filled up on a variety of leftovers. He had leftover Mexican and Japanese (from two different lunches that week) and I had leftover Basil Chicken Chili that I had picked up from Harris Teeter for dinner the night before.
Add in a few pita chips and hummus and we were set. While none of the flavors really went particularly well together, I just took one thing at a time. It was worth the randomness of it all since it meant clearing out our fridge for one of the biggest grocery shopping trips we’ve ever had. 
On Saturday, we stocked up on everything. And I mean everything. Fruits, vegetables, bread, oats, milk, cheese, eggs, potatoes, beans, soup…
I made a big salad for lunch that was pretty good, but didn’t quite compare to the one I made myself from Harris Teeter’s salad bar the day before. 

So gorgeous.

You might have already picked up on the Harris Teeter theme today. I’m so in love with the new salad/soup bar at the HT right by my work. I quickly learned this isn’t a new feature to many HT’s (thanks for the lesson Erica!). Regardless, I am so glad they brought it near me. Lunchtime just got a lot more exciting around here.

Saturday night we had a bunch of friends over for dinner. Greg made venison burgers and I made black bean burgers. On the side we had baked beans and broccoli, along with plenty of chips and salsa to munch on. No pictures of that meal- too busy catching up with friends!

I guess this brings us to Sunday. Ohhhh Sundays, how I love you. The highlight would have to be BFD.

Banana pancakes, scrambled eggs filled with chopped veggies, and a slice of bacon. Props to Greg for this meal 😉

Yes, I said ‘props.’

Let’s end on a better note than me saying words like props. Who wants to see a picture of my baby girl Zoey?  You do? Okay good.

Goodness, I love that face.
Have a great week!

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