I Would Like to Introduce You to…

Today we take a break from regularly scheduled food blogging to introduce you to the newest addition to my little family. 
Erica, your wish is my command! (Erica commented on one of my posts the other day saying she wanted to see more puppy pictures.) You don’t have to ask me twice!
Internet Friends, this…

…is Zoey. 
No, she’s not a lab despite how much everyone seems to think she looks like one. She is a Great Dane. And she is THE best!

She sleeps like a rock and loves to even cuddle more than I do…I didn’t know that was possible. I can literally hold her like a baby while she sleeps and it’s the most precious thing in the world. 

Other times I let her nap by herself and this is what happens. She may or may not have tossed and turned her way off the couch a couple of times already. Whoops. 
I love my little Zoey more than I ever imagined. She and I have quickly become best friends. 
Just look at that face!!!!!

I’m officially obsessed.

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