Weekend Eats 11-5-12

I don’t know about you, but I had quite the busy weekend involving very little sleep. Having a young pup at home will do that to you. 
My mornings started out with the only thing I’ve had for breakfast in the past two weeks or so- Overnight oats made with almond milk, two tablespoons of granola for added crunch, sliced banana, and a sprinkle of cinnamon.
On Saturday, Greg and I took Zoey to Park Day, an event held on Daniel Island every fall. A brand new park area was recently developed on the island and made a great spot to hold Park Day. The event was bigger than it’s ever been, with music, food, games, etc. It seemed like every food truck in Charleston was at Park Day, making it difficult to choose which we would eat from for lunch. 
I knew cupcakes were in my future that day, so I wanted something small for lunch. Greg was in the mood for barbecue so we opted for Hello My Name is BBQ which we have both had before. Their menu listed “Goat Cheese and Bacon Mac and Cheese” and I just had to try it. 
Hello my name is BBQ on Urbanspoon
Unfortunately, they just gave me the plain old cheddar mac instead of the goat cheese like I asked for 😦 We had already walked back across the park with our food before I realized it wasn’t quite right. I didn’t feel like walking back and waiting in line so I ate it anyway. I wasn’t UNhappy with my lunch, but I am still so curious about that goat cheese mac!
After Park Day I went to Cupcake Camp and, well, I already told you all about that yesterday. But here’s another look at some of my indulgences. 
What was the tastiest part of your weekend?

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