Weekend Eats 10-29-12

As of right now, while I’m writing this post, I came up with a new series for this little old blog of mine. Mondays on Counting My Cupcakes will now feature weekly…or biweekly, or triweekly, depending on my schedule ;)…
Weekend Eats!
Rather than full restaurant reviews or entire posts about the more simple meals I make at home, I will highlight some of the tastiest parts of my weekend. 
For other bloggers out there, I’m working on a button for this so you can join me in Weekend Eats as well! Stay tuned, I’ll get that to you soon!
On the menu this weekend?
On Saturday, after some wedding gift registering (so fun by the way!), Greg and I parted ways for the afternoon. I headed to Whole Foods for lunch. With so many options, I’m often a little overwhelmed deciding what I want from the cafe. It was a cool and rainy Saturday in Charleston so I wanted something comforting. I opted for a ‘build your own’ wrap from the deli. Inside a spinach wrap went pimento cheese, tomato, spinach, red onion and roasted red pepper. 
I brought the wrap home and ate half of it alongside a sweet juicy apple. 

After church on Sunday, Greg insisted on brunch at his favorite spot, Triangle. I’m not one to deny brunch so brunching we went!

It’s always a struggle passing up pancakes, especially with pumpkin pancakes on the menu, but I managed to talk myself into the Veggie Omelet instead. Not a bad choice! The omelet was filled with peppers, onions, mushrooms and goat cheese (instead of bleu cheese as described on the menu). With two side dishes of fruit and home fries, this makes for one giant meal. Again, I saved half to bring home and am looking forward to finishing it off for lunch today!
Dinner last night came in the form of the remaining half of the pimento cheese wrap with steamed broccoli and carrots on the side. 
What was the tastiest part of your weekend?

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