Sunday Blessings – Alone Time

I have been playing ‘Single Girl’ this weekend while Greg has been out of town visiting a friend. There have been some boring moments, and I definitely miss the guy ;), but overall it has been pleasant having some alone time. I am thankful for times like these to relax, do literally whatever the heck I want to do (including bake whatever I want to bake!), and spend some quality time with ME!

Starting with dinner Friday night, I cooked up a simple plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce and a side of steamed broccoli.

Traditional spaghetti is so simple and sometimes I forget just how much I love it. I grew up eating it just about every Monday night (thanks, Dad!), not to mention the countless homemade pasta dishes at GG’s (grandma’s) house. Granted, both of their versions were a little more elaborate than my Friday night version, but it really brought me back. I even sat at the dinner table, all by myself. Whether that makes me a loser or not, I enjoyed it.
Earlier in the day, without Greg there to supervise my Trader Joe’s visit, I snagged a box of Sea Salt Brownies. 
I dug right into these after dinner. The first one was okay, but the second was even better. And the third? Ohmuhgosh. They have got the salty/sweet combo down pat with these babies. You don’t even want to know how good they were after five, or six…(I even baked with them this weekend too!! Look out for a special recipe later this week.)
One of the best parts of this weekend was catching up with my good friend Caitlin who I haven’t seen in wayyy too long. I recommended we go to my fave, CPH, and she was all for it. Having never been before, she looked to me for suggestions. Of course I insisted we split the mac and cheese appetizer! 
I came home for yet another night alone and sat in front of the TV with my bowl of Publix frozen yogurt topped with whipped cream, caramel sauce AND chocolate sauce. 

There may or may not have been a Sea Salt Brownie under all of that too 😉
As the weekend is coming to an end, I can’t help but realize yet again how quickly it went. I feel like I was just saying goodbye to Greg, wondering what the heck I would do with all of my alone time, and now he’s about to come back and we’ll be right back in the daily grind. 

It’s a good thing though, because these ghosts have been haunting me! I need someone to protect me!

(Those little guys are some yard decor I saw while on my run yesterday. They really did scare me at first as they creepily blew in the wind. They are kinda cute though, huh?)

4 thoughts on “Sunday Blessings – Alone Time

  1. Glad you enjoyed your alone time! I don't even remember what thats like… ;). Peanuts always by my side! I will have to try the TJs brownies. owww CPH! Makes me crave that popcorn. Come to attack Tuesday! I miss seeing you! BTW- I'm doing Komen Saturday- are you?


  2. Soooo I actually dropped my gym membership 😦 My crazy work schedule got in the way and then I rekindled my love for running outside in this fall weather. Since that's my main form of exercise anyway, I figured I would save a few bucks and put it towards the wedding! Ha 🙂 We need to do a blogger meet up to make up for it. And I'm not doing the race either, but maybe I'll reconsider!


  3. Ahhhh, I'm doing 'catch-up' reading CmyC and although late I'm so happy I didn't miss this one. Wish you were here for my new version of Bolognese spaghetti! Loving you!


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