Sunday Blessings – Stress Relievers

Good morning! It’s been a long time since I have done a Sunday blessings post, but the past day and a half has been full of reasons to feel blessed.

1. Beautiful sunrises like this make early morning runs totally worth it. I love my city!

2. Dog-sitting for the weekend was a fun trial for having a dog of our own one day, which may actually be coming sooner than later. Eeek!! Don’t hold me to that, but let’s just say some puppy fever was sparked recently and we’re taking it seriously.
3. Retail therapy is a real thing, in case you were wondering. After a long week at work, a day of shopping can relieve a lot of stress. Proven fact. 
Fall is upon us and even though some days still feel like summer, a new season means an excuse for a new wardrobe. I took an afternoon shopping spree to Marshall’s, along with what seemed like everyone else in Charleston – It was packed! I found some great fall clothes and tried on some heels. I felt like Kim Kardashian. 
4. Another great stress reliever is baking. The dog had me up even earlier than usual on Saturday, meaning I had time to get my workout in AND bake before the day had even really begun. Here is a preview of a recipe coming this week…
Have a happy and blessed Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Blessings – Stress Relievers

  1. I can relate to all of above stress relievers and especially effective and cost free—a cup of tea and inspiring book, warm bath and works every time…… Writing an entry in your 'Grateful Journal'! I'm grateful for you and this Sunday blessing post! 🙂


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