Buttermilk Pancakes and Meeting Jenna!

Last night was a breakfast for dinner kind of night. I bought buttermilk from the grocery store a few days ago knowing I just had to make my Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes this week. I have been craving them for a while now and it was time to give in! They were just as perfect as I remember. This time I added cinnamon chips to the batter after pouring it on the pan for my cakes. For Greg’s, I added chopped strawberries. 
On the side, Greg created a little sweet potato hash with onions and peppers. He spiced it up with cayenne peper and some other top secret ingredients. It was delicious!
The only thing missing was a glass of red wine.
Let’s rewind to Tuesday night, shall we? The one and only Jenna Weber of Eat.Live.Run is on a tour promoting her new book, White Jacket Required. Jenna graduated from the College of Charleston, just like me! She came to Barnes and Noble in Charleston for a reading and book signing. We also got to ask her some questions, which was a lot of fun. I was so excited to meet Jenna is person. Her blog has been one of my favorites from the beginning of my blog-reading days and she is such an inspiration. 
Some of my favorite recipes are from her: Spicy Chicken Chili and Jalapeno-Cheddar Hummus.
Here’s a picture of me meeting Jenna, courtesy of Greg who somehow snuck this in from the back where he was standing (yes, I drug him along with me!). I also got to meet Kerr who has a blog of her own, Say Cheese. Be sure to check it out! 

7 thoughts on “Buttermilk Pancakes and Meeting Jenna!

  1. SO cool! Sad I couldn't come 😦 We've been too sick around these parts for a couple weeks :(. The pancakes look absolutely amazing. I have some buttermilk- pancakes may be in order for dinner over here!


  2. Hey sis Brooke cooks for breakfast for me before I go to the boxing gym every week and I just told her today to look art your blog and make me that and I'll be impressed! Looks so great 🙂 Love you!


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