Another Day, Another Lunch at Purée

Purée has clearly become one of my new favorite restaurants. For someone that doesn’t eat out more than a couple of times a week (mostly on the weekends), going to this café about five or six times already since it opened just a couple of months ago is pretty serious. 

I have pretty much ordered something different each time too. When I met up with Brittany at Purée last month, she ordered the Grilled Cheese. I knew it was a must for my next visit. 

The time had come yesterday, when Greg and I brought his mom and brother with us for lunch. 

It was everything I thought it would be and more. The wheat bread was perfectly toasted and the cheese was perfectly melted. The addition of white bean spread, tomatoes and kale kicked up your simple grilled cheese sandwich into something special. 
The sandwich was served with the side of the day, a black bean salad. It couldn’t have been more perfect either!…except maybe a little more would have been good. I would have eaten an entire bowl of that stuff!
If you haven’t been to Purée yet, I highly recommend getting yourself there. I am sometimes a bit hesitant bringing others that may not be into the whole vegan/organic thing, but everyone loved their meals and cleaned their plates down to the last crumb. It really does have something for everyone. 
Puree - Organic Cafe and Baby Goods on Urbanspoon

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