Where Have I Been?

Eating mid-day frozen yogurt to brighten up my crazy workweek. 
Creating my own salad at Triangle by adding the over easy egg from Greg’s burger that he didn’t want to my Harvest Salad. I was overall unimpressed with the salad, but the addition of the egg made it so much better. 

Strolling the Farmers Market with my family! This is one of my favorite ways to spend Saturday afternoons in Charleston.
Eating lunch at Black Bean Co…another one of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday afternoon. I love this place. The salad was perfect. Lots of toppings and lots of deliciousness. 

More eating (duh). This time it was a fancy dinner out to celebrate my mom’s recent birthday. She chose 82 Queen

I had been there before and remembered how good it was. But this time was even better. It was definitely the best dinner out I have had in a long time. Not just for the amazing food, but for the company as well. (review on the food to come later this week!)
After a long, busy, visitor-filled past week, I am saying goodbye to the company this morning and spending the day resting. It’s what Sundays are meant for after all!

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