The Perfect 1st Birthday Party

Today is a special day because Counting My Cupcakes turns one year old! I seriously considered having a party. Ok, so maybe I’m not having a real party, but I’m having a virtual party. Right here, right now. Join me?

Birthday pancakes are one the menu for breakfast.

Lunch will look something like this…
Each of us can enjoy the most fun and adorable chocolate cupcake for dinner.
And for dessert, we will have a bowl of ice cream.
That is what I would call the perfect 1st birthday.
To be honest, I kind of dropped the ball with this one and didn’t bake anything special for this baby blog of mine. Life can be a busy thing, what are you gonna do?
I promise I will be making it up soon for a belated birthday celebration. But for now, I am spending quality time with my grandparents who are visiting for a couple days 🙂 …and working 😦
Thank you SO much to all of my readers out there. Whether this is the first post you have read or the 100th, I am so blessed for your support and attention to what I have to say. I cannot believe it’s been an entire year already and I am looking forward to the next!

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