Dining Out All Weekend Long!

This weekend has been full of the big 3 F’s: Friends, food and fun! 
One of Greg’s best friends from high school, and a future groomsman in our wedding, drove to Charleston with his girlfriend for the weekend and we’ve been having a great time. They got in late Friday night, like after the Opening Ceremonies late. (Did anyone else find the ceremonies rather…boring?? Raise your hand if you’re with me)
Saturday morning started off with a sweaty workout in preparation for a little weekend indulgence. 
We headed to Sullivans Island for an early lunch at Poe’s to fill our bellies before hitting the beach. I had the delicious Grilled Vegetable Quesadilla. 

The variety of dips on the side were great too- guac, chipotle sour cream, and pico. Mmmmm.
Poe's Tavern on Urbanspoon
Dinnertime brought us downtown to Kickin’ Chicken for a casual meal while simultaneously watching some Olympics coverage. I am not crazy about Kickin’ Chicken, mostly because a lack of healthy and/or vegetarian options, but I can’t say it’s not tasty. Fried chicken can be awfully tempting, but usually just a bit of Greg’s is all I need. Otherwise I stick to grilled chicken.
While I am continuing to cut out animal products from my diet, I also know moderation is key to everything and a little grilled chicken every now and then won’t hurt. I would rather eat a little bit of real meat than feel deprived.
I opted for the Chicken Fajita Salad, but subbed balsamic vinaigrette for the ranch dressing. 

It was HUGE! And I loved every bite. The black beans, tomatoes, grilled onions and cheese mixed with the crisp romaine lettuce made for a perfect dinner. There was even a lime wedge that I squeezed to get some citrus juice on top. 
Kickin' Chicken on Urbanspoon
Our next stop in the night involved frozen strawberry margaritas. Then came a late night dessert for me while others in our group enjoyed a beer at Closed for Business. Greg was amused by my order of the Homemade Ice Cream sandwich while he sipped on his craft beer. I explained to him, once again, that I really do prefer eating my calories rather than drinking them. And I simply can’t go without dessert. 
Oh yeah, and I also ran into Christina! It was great catching up with her in-person again even if it was just for a minute! 
This morning we took our friends to none other than Coleman Public House for brunch. We have only ever gone for dinner so I was really looking forward to trying their brunch menu. For some reason, my usual sweet tooth was drawn to some of the more savory items. In the end, I stuck with my natural instincts and got the blueberry pancakes, served with a side of fruit. 
They were good, as almost all pancakes are, but not spectacular. Still, I was not disappointed in the least. It would be hard for CPH to do any wrong in my eyes at this point. 
Greg ordered the only thing he has ever ordered- Southern Burger with mac and cheese on the side. You can be sure I had more than my fair share of bites of mac and cheese!! I fall in love even more each time. 
Coleman Public House on Urbanspoon
We have said goodbye to our friends and are now back home on the couch looking forward to spending the rest of the day like any other Sunday- napping, grocery shopping, and a whole bunch of nothing!
Hope you’re having a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Dining Out All Weekend Long!

  1. Drooling over here! I always end up with sweet for breakfast, no matter how hard I try to tell myself not to:)

    And my love for mexican rivals yours! I could eat it every day:)


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