Scones and Puree’s New Burger!

WOOOHOOOO! Friday has arrived. Let’s start with a sweet, buttery scone. Sound good?
My grandma gave me some Cinnamon Apple Scone mix last fall and it took me until this week to make them. The worst part is that the recipe calls for the addition of water. That’s it, just water. The easiest mix ever and for some reason I waited now, eight months later, to bake them. And now I just want more! They were delish. 
Since we can’t live off of baked good alone (tear), I fit plenty of substance in my week too. I returned to Purée  for some “real food” earlier this week. They posted about a new menu item last weekend and I couldn’t stop thinking about it: Blackened Tempeh Burger with cheddar and jalapenos. 
The owner Jenan greeted me at the door as always and knew exactly why I was there. After a short wait, I was served this beautiful burger with a citrus ginger slaw on the side. 
Up close and personal….

Needless to say, I was a clean-plater. This burger was everything I hoped and more. Jenan was spot on when she said the citrus ginger slaw went so well on the side, because the coolness balanced out the heat of the burger. So true. I was definitely feeling the heat and needed that coolness in my mouth! It was hot and spicy, but too intense by any means. 
On my way out, Jenan was kind enough to treat me to a serving of S’mores Bark. You can count on them to keep some sweet treats around. Cupcakes, cookies, cinnamon rolls, and this chocolate bark are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth after a wholesome lunch.
The cafe just started offering Saturday night dinner by reservation only. With the success I’ve had with brunch and lunch, I can only imagine dinner would be a hit too.
Puree - Organic Cafe and Baby Goods on Urbanspoon
This weekend we have some friends coming into town, which marks the beginning of a long strain of visitors for the next couple of weeks. Yay! I love visitors. 
I better get baking again to share with the company!
Have a great one my friends. 

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