What I’m Loving….THURSDAY!

Everyone’s heard of What I’m Loving Wednesday posts, even I have done one or two in my day. But why not tell you about tell you about some things I love on Thursday too?

Oh, because then there wouldn’t be alliteration like there is with the words “what” and “Wednesday”?

Well I guess that makes sense.

Whoops. I’m breaking the rules this week so please forgive me.

1. Breakfast for dinner (BFD)!!!! This will always be a staple in my household. Always.

On the menu this particular time included blueberry pancakes (banana cakes for Greg), and one giant veggie omelet that we split. Red bell pepper, onion and shredded cheese went inside the omelet. Then I topped my half with crumbled goat cheese and diced tomatoes.
2. Biscoff Spread
After flying Delta on vacation, I was reunited with the greatness of Biscoff cookies. I knew it was finally time I ordered the spread that I have seen all over food blogs. My order came in the mail earlier this week and I’m narrowing down the recipes of what I will bake with it first. I’ve been on cookie overload recently so cupcakes sound awfully good.
3. Speaking of cupcakes….how do you like free cupcakes?? I just so happened to be on a late lunch break yesterday when I saw Cupcake announce a Power Hour on Twitter. This means all you have to do is walk into the bakery and ask for a “Power Hour cupcake, please!” and they hand you the special selected flavor for the day for FREE. 

This White Chocolate Raspberry cupcake is one of my favorite flavors from the bakery. It got a little bit smashed, but still tasted ahhhhmazing. I have always been a fan of Cupcake, but I have to say, this cupcake was even more moist than I remember! I don’t know if something changed or I just got lucky. Either way, I felt like a winner.
4. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Oh my goodness. I have totally rekindled my childhood love.
Almost everyday this week I have had a PB&J on a Publix whole wheat bagel. 
Christina, if you’re reading, I coincidentally saw your post about Uncrustables. Maybe we should have a PB&J picnic. Bring that Press ‘N Seal!
Oh. my. gosh. I just had a revelation. I will be replacing peanut butter on my next PB&J with the Biscoff Spread! Yessssss.
Tell me something you’re loving!!


3 thoughts on “What I’m Loving….THURSDAY!

  1. I am loving YOU!!!!!!!!! And this lovely day off of mine….and the 45 minute run that you would have been so proud of this morning 🙂 LOVE YOU! xoxoxoxo


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