Making Friends with AAA

Where do I begin?

Do you want to hear about how we had to call AAA to come tow Greg’s car and take us to a shop in Atlanta on Sunday morning? Or do you want to hear about how we had to call AAA to come tow Greg’s car and take us to a shop in Commerce (TINY town in middle-of-nowhere Georgia) on Monday morning? OR, get this, do you want to hear about how we had to call AAA to come tow Greg’s car and take us to a shop in Greenville later on Monday morning?

Seriously. That all happened.

After a fun-filled Saturday, we knew we were going to have to get the car towed Sunday, but you never expect it to have to happen two more times right away! It was a bit of a nightmare.

Once we dropped of the car the very first time, we were right by a mall. Not many places are open Sunday mornings, but we managed to find one place in walking distance that wasn’t fast food. With a gift card in hand, we walked to The Cheesecake Factory. Believe it or not, they serve Sunday brunch! I was sooo tempted to get the pancakes (blueberry or lemon ricotta?!?! AH!). But after already having splurged a little too much on Saturday, I committed myself to their “Skinnylicious” menu with lighter options.

The vegetarian options were extremely limited, so I allowed myself some meat…again. I had heard my sister mention the Turkey and Avocado Sandwich before, so I went for that. It came with a small garden salad on the side. It was good enough, but not great. It did make me feel better knowing that I chose one of their healthier options, seeing as many of the restaurant’s entrees can easily feed a small army and pack on more calories than any one person needs at a single time.
Greg was in the mood for more traditional brunch food and got a waffle with a side of bacon. I made sure to get myself a few bites of that baby for dessert before he finished. It was quite delicious.
Yesterday, while giving a second shot at driving home, we broke down about an hour into the drive. We called AAA again and they gave us a ride to shop nearby. Unfortunately after an hour of waiting, we learned they weren’t going to be able to get all the parts we needed that day. So we called AAA again and had them bring us to Greenville, in a much more populated area. 
We found a shop that confirmed they could take care of everything that same day. Then we began our second consecutive day of wandering around just to kill time while the car was fixed. Again, we were right by a mall and this time there were plenty of restaurant options. 
We strolled through the mall’s food court and picked up a few samples, but ultimately chose Jason’s Deli.

I grabbed a plate for the salad bar, fulled stocked with fresh greens, cherry tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, carrots, peas, hummus, pasta salad and apples! I was thrilled to see the sliced apples, but a little disappointed they weren’t especially sweet or crunchy. The raspberry vinaigrette dressing made up for it though. 
Jason’s Deli’s salad bar really has everything I could ever want for my salad. But the best part of this place is that everyone gets free soft serve ice cream! I made myself a cone with the chocolate-vanilla swirl.
The rest of the day was spent being mall walkers. Just when we finally thought the car was going to be ready around 4:30, they found another problem! Why is it car problems are never easy? There is never just a simple fix. Ugh. So finally around 6:30 we pulled out of the garage and made it home by close to 10pm.
Whew! So glad those couple of days are behind us! 

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