A Restaurant Review – Basil Mt. Pleasant

A few weeks ago, Greg and I went to dinner at Basil. The Thai restaurant has three locations: Downtown Charleston, Charlotte and the newest one in Mt. Pleasant. 
I have only ever heard good things about Basil, but am torn about my feelings toward it. 
The first time I went was several months ago with a group of coworkers. The Cashew Nuts entree was recommended to me so that’s what I chose. I remember really enjoying it and telling Greg we should go back together sometime. 
So we did. But unfortunately high expectations got the best of us.
We opted for a couple of drinks since we were in fact celebrating our four year anniversary. Although mojitos aren’t my favorite, Greg was intrigued and wanted to try the one on their specialty menu. Being a good girlfriend, I pretended like the girly cocktail was for me 😉 Turns out he didn’t like it, so it ended up being my drink anyway.

I knew I liked the Cashew Nuts from the first time I ate there, but wanted to give something else a try. I ordered the Vegetables Delight with tofu and mixed vegetables in soy sauce. 
Turns out, I don’t like tofu. 
The vegetables were decent, but overall this dish was bland and left a lot to be desired.

Greg had the Sweet and Sour with chicken mixed with onion, bell peppers, cucumbers, tomato, pineapple and scallions. He asked for the sauce to be made spicier than normal too, since he rarely has the problem of foods being too spicy. 
Cucumbers to Greg are like cupcakes to me. Okay, maybe not cupcakes, but apples. I looovvvvee apples and Greg looovvvvees cucumbers. But I have to say, I wasn’t surprised when he said the cucumbers were not a good fit for this dish. Onion, peppers and pineapple are great. But sweet and sour chicken can do without cucumber and tomatoes. 

Here I am sinking in my seat! We were sat right by the kitchen, with one seat in a booth and one in a stool. I jumped at the chance for the booth, was found it to sit very low. Or maybe the table was just too high. And I’m a tall girl soooo something needs to be adjusted there. I kept a smile nonetheless 🙂
Despite being less than impressed with the food, we still had a good time. However, I can’t see us returning in the near future. There are too many other places that have stolen our hearts, or places we still need to try! 
Basil on Urbanspoon


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