Off to St. Kitts!

The day has finally arrived! VACATION HERE I COME!

I was up late last night packing for my weeklong vacation to St. Kitts (St. Kittens, as I like to call it). Then, was woken up by a loud alarm at 4am. It’s funny how much easier it is to wake up at ridiculous hours when it means your about to be on your way to the Caribbean!

I didn’t leave without saying goodbye to my favorite dessert as of late- Publix Strawberry Frozen Yogurt with some Cool Whip on top. I have been eating this every night for probably two weeks now. Seriously, I cannot get enough! I’m crossing my fingers to find a Publix in St. Kitts. Jusstttt kidding people. Any ice cream will do.

For the next week I will have very limited internet access, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t come visit the blog! I have scheduled a couple (but not many) posts for you while I’m away. Feel free to comment so things don’t get too lonely around here.

Later Gators!


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