A Charleston Affair

Friends. Food. Drinks. Music. Springtime.
All of those things combined made for one awesome night. 
A Charleston Affair, as I previously briefly mentioned, is a giant cocktail (?) party with College of Charleston alumni and graduating seniors. Anticipation for Saturday’s party had been building among our friends for weeks. 

I was really excited about my hair. Sorry for bragging. But besides the few hairs of mine that always refuse to stay up, it was the most perfect bun. Wanna know a secret? There’s a SOCK in my hair! Have you ever heard of the sock bun? It’s my new fave. 
One of us was trying to focus on driving while the other was sticking a phone his face for pictures on our way downtown. Don’t let that face fool you though. He had a great time too. 
Maybe I should talk about the food for a second? Well, overall it was disappointing. Definitely not Charleston’s A-game. Besides that pasta, there wasn’t really another vegetarian option. So I sacrificed my vegetarian-ism in turn for a satisfied belly. I had some of that pesto penne, a mini corn dog, and a pulled chicken on a biscuit (not shown here). It wasn’t bad food, but not great by any means. In a city known for it’s amazing food, I was expecting better.
The desserts were just as disappointing. What you see above was an oatmeal cookie sandwich. I took a bite and threw the rest away. It just wasn’t worth it. But later on in the night Greg and I found some delicious sugar cookies with sprinkles baked into them. Now those were keepers. I had two. And then I suddenly felt much more satisfied with the food. Funny how that works. 
We had such a fun time that the food was almost irrelevant. I’m already looking forward to next year’s Affair!
Charleston is simply the best.


2 thoughts on “A Charleston Affair

  1. Outstanding looking Couple! Good food couldn't have made you look any better! Great hair, great dress (terrific color too) and curious about the necklace?? Primiere? Mamanon? Very nice regardless!


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