A Restaurant Review – Pawleys Front Porch

Pawleys Front Porch (there isn’t supposed to be an apostrophe, I triple checked) opened earlier this year in Mt. Pleasant. I can easily get stuck in a rut of eating the same things over and over and was considering places like Coleman Public House and Daniel Island Grille for dinner on Friday. Then I remembered this restaurant and Greg was all for trying a new place.
I would have loved to enjoy their outdoor seating since it was such a pretty night, but unfortunately everyone else had the same idea and there weren’t any open tables. We were seated right away once we got inside. The menu mostly revolves around their wide selection of beef burgers, which can also be substituted for grilled chicken. I knew that going into it, but was still hopeful I could find a good vegetarian option. They did offer a veggie burger, but I opted for a salad instead. 
This is the Mahi-Mahi Salad ($12.50)- “lightly seasoned grilled Mahi served over mixed greens, with black bean and corn salsa, shredded pepper jack cheese, and grilled pineapple with champagne vinaigrette dressing.”
I cut up the pineapple and mixed it into the salad. I was about four or five bites in before realizing the salad was missing something. At first I thought there was not enough dressing. Then I realized there was no dressing at all and the pineapple juice had just fooled me into thinking there was. Once I had the waitress bring me some, it made the salad much better (as you can imagine- dry, dressing-less salad=bleh). But it still did not completely satisfy me. I am not a huge “fish person” to begin with, but the mahi was very dry. It’s hard to tell in the picture, but there was a rather large portion of fish on top of that lettuce and I only ate about a third of it. The bean and corn salsa in the menu description is part of what made this salad so appealing to me in the first place and I made sure to pick out and eat every last bean and kernel or corn!

For once, Greg had as much of a difficult time choosing what to order as I did. Rightfully so, because all of the burgers sounded great. I finally helped him pick the Caw Caw Creek ($10.00)- “housemade jalapeno pimento cheese, bread & butter picked green tomato, jalapeno bacon and grilled onions.” He had the sweet potato fries as his choice of side. And I’m sooo glad he did. Because by the time he finished the enormous burger and ate some fries, he was too full to finish. So I got to enjoy a good portion of some of the best sweet potato fries I’ve had! They were sprinkled with sugar and could almost pass for dessert. They also made up for my less-than-stellar salad.
Greg was more than happy with his burger and like I said, the sweet potato fries were awesome. The service was decent, and overall we had a nice Friday night date. I wouldn’t get the Mahi-Mahi Salad again, especially for that price. But I am still curious to try the veggie burger one day.
After dinner, we headed out downtown to meet up with friends who are visiting this weekend for A Charleston Affair, College of Charleston’s alumni weekend reception/cocktail party kinda thing. The event itself was last night and I’ll be talking more about that later. Until then, have a great Sunday afternoon!
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