Gluten Free Double Chocolate Cookies

I have yet another cookie recipe to share with you today! Maybe this blog should be called, “Counting My Cookies.” I do love cookies, but if you remember, my sister is the real cookie monster. So I’ll stick to being known for cupcakes, I may just have to step-up my cupcake baking game here pretty soon.

I signed up to bring in a dessert for a company picnic we are having today to celebrate our first year anniversary of being in our new (not-so-new anymore) office. I actually started working about a month after they moved in last year, so this is the only office I have known, but I’m not going to pass up a reason to celebrate! We have arranged for Moe’s to cater with a full taco bar, plus appetizers and desserts provided by the employees.

Oh my. Twelve o’clock can’t come quickly enough.

On top of the food, we are also having volleyball and corn hole competitions. Yeah, you could say I have a pretty cool job. Maybe not day-by-day activities, but we definitely get treated well!

I wanted to use this opportunity to make a new dessert. And something CHOCOLATELY! Since I know Greg won’t touch anything I make that’s chocolate, I usually have a long list of saved recipes for times like this to pull from when I know I will have plenty of others to help me eat it all.
I know of a least a couple co-workers who stick to a gluten-free diet and I figured it would be good to make something they could enjoy too. Just like the sugar cookies I made the other day, these are almost vegan as well. No butter involved here (yay for less fat!), but the recipe does call for egg whites. Hey, you can’t win ’em all!
Be prepared to have chocolate stuck to your hands like never before! Not like that’s a bad thing…not only do you get to lick the spatula clean, but you can lick your fingers too. 
The cookies are thick and the chocolate is sooo melty. I would actually almost consider them brownies in cookie form. The best of both worlds!

Click here to find the recipe from Jordan at Picklee. Her pictures make these cookies look soooo much more amazing then mine. Please check it out!


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