Pecan Pancakes and My Favorite Macaroni

Another Sunday. Another stack of pancakes. Only unlike last Sunday, I ate these pancakes myself. Greg and I took his family to Triangle for brunch before they headed out of town yesterday. I had my mind set on pancakes since that picture Brooke sent me last week. Triangle’s Toasted Pecan Pancakes and a side of fruit sounded perfect. Not to mention a $1 mimosa…or two. 
We had a great brunch, but Saturday’s dinner at Coleman Public House is tough to beat. You may have read about their decadent mac and cheese from my posts herehere and here. Yes, it is THAT good. 
For an appetizer, Greg and I split a basket of french fries- Garlic and Truffle & Parmesan. We couldn’t decide between the two so our waitress offered to give us a mix of both!

Wanting to keep to my commitment of eating little to no meat, I couldn’t decide if I should skip (GASP!) the mac and cheese topped with grilled chicken like I normally do and just order a salad or veggie flatbread instead. But Greg talked some sense into me. “Go with what you know is good,” he said. 

So I did. I ordered the mac and cheese, but skipped the added chicken. The dish does contain some bacon pieces, but I was able to compromise with myself. And that stuff is worth every bite and compromise. It has never failed to be just as delicious as I remember. 
When I ordered, I was surprised that my waitress remembered me from our previous visits and said, “Don’t you normally get grilled chicken on top?” Why yes! Thank you for remembering! She said her and the other waiters still love that combination that I have opened their eyes to. 
You’re welcome.
Other highlights of the weekend included riding around all over Daniel Island on our new bikes, watching Greg’s brother finish a half Ironman (such an amazing accomplishment!), shopping, and a nice longggg, hard nap. 

Now it’s time to work away for another week. Looking forward to next weekend already!


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