A Restaurant Review – Our Local Foods

Hi there! 
This past weekend Greg and I had a lot of errands to run and without much food in the fridge, we decided to grab lunch while we were out. We were still motivated enough from our morning run to instantly rule out any fast food. We both wanted something healthy so I recommended Whole Foods. Greg did me one better and suggested Our Local Foods, a cafe and market serving ingredients directly from Thornhill Farm in McClellanville, SC. I figured we would be sure to find something healthy at a place like that!
The cute shop is filled with everything from dairy products to homemade sauces to frozen biscuits and pastas. Then there is the cafe component where you can order sandwiches, salads, soups and take-home dinner.
We were the only customers when we arrived and placed our order right away, as both of our stomachs were audibly growling by that point. 
I had the Grilled Veggie Foccacia sandwich, with “house organic greens, goat cheese spread and basil pesto.” The veggies were zucchini and tomato slices. I was pretty disappointed with the sandwich overall. As you can see in the picture, the bread slices were very thick and the amount of veggies left much to be desired. I could barely taste anything through the breadyness (breadiness? bready-ness?).  I do love bread, but these were not the freshest slices either, too dry for my liking. The sandwiches all come with sweet potato chips on the side, and those were decent, but again not great. I did like the fact that they seem to be baked and not fried. They were not the least bit greasy. That’s a plus.

Greg had the Housemade 5-Year Pimiento Cheese sandwich. We have been on the biggest pimiento cheese kick lately. It might not be the healthiest thing, but Greg is trying hard to cut back on meat as well and this seems to be the alternative for now 😉 Greg loved it, and the man who took our order said this sandwich is their best-seller. 
Even though it wasn’t thrilled with my sandwich, I enjoyed trying someplace new. It was a great for a casual weekend lunch date and I am more than willing to give it another try. 
I really wanted to try one of their fruit and nut muffins in the display case, but knew I was going to bake later anyway and wanted to avoid adding more temptation into my life. We didn’t leave empty handed though. Greg grabbed a jar of some local honey. And now he’s begging me to make biscuits! Please share if you know of a good recipe 🙂
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Hope you all have a great day! And before I go, just wanted to say Happy Anniversary to Greg! Today marks FOUR years that we have been together. Crayyyyy zeeeeee.


4 thoughts on “A Restaurant Review – Our Local Foods

  1. I walked into OLF one day when there was no on there. I felt awkward so I just poked around and didn't order anything. Kinda glad I didn't. I hate when you order a veggie sandwich that is mostly bread. Ugh! And dry bread? Booooo. You should have just drive right to Bricco Bracco for their bread, heheh


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