Sunday Blessings – Making an Investment

Gooooood Sunday morning!

How many of you started of your Sunday with pancakes? This picture was actually sent to me from my sister who made these for dinner the other night. I was so jealous. And really wish I had made something this delicious for breakfast this morning. Sundays and pancakes are a great combination. Oddly enough, I more often have pancakes during the week for BFD.

Instead, I had a big bowl of fruit salad that I threw together after my grocery shopping trip yesterday. I was so proud of our cart full of fresh fruits, veggies, oatmeal, salsa…..all whole foods! 

I also had one of the baked blueberry yogurt doughnuts that I made yesterday- recipe to come later this week!! 

I am having a great weekend so far. It really couldn’t be much better actually.

The first thing I did when I woke up yesterday was text my family telling them to “Look at my blog!!!!” because I was so excited about the new design. I am still on a bit of a high over it. I loveitsomuch!

When I was finally able to part with my computer about an hour later, Greg and I went for a long run around Daniel Island, then returned home to get ready for some cleaning and shopping.

First stop on the agenda was Goodwill to get rid of bags and bags of old clothes of mine. Then it was lunchtime and we were both starving from our run. We tried out a new-ish place that I’ll tell you about later this week!

Then it was time for shopping. I wish I could say we went shopping for clothes, but Greg had something more rugged in mind- bikes. I’m not against bicycle riding, but it is not at the top of my activities of interest. Maybe that would change if I actually have one to ride, but bikes are also not at the top of my items to purchase list either. And do you know how expensive bikes are??? Yikes.

Anyway, we didn’t end up getting one yesterday, but Greg did some more research and is set on going back to buy one (or two, if I decide I’ll partake in this) today after church.

Just like it was the right time to invest in a blog makeover, maybe it is also time to invest in a bike to break from my routine of mostly walking and running for exercise.

I am blessed to live in a part of town with easy access to great paths and trails. To take advantage of them even more, a bike might not be such a bad idea.

Do I sound convinced enough already? Ha. I guess I’m getting a bike!


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