Brighten Up

Bright colors have been filling my plate day after day. I somehow managed to fit in one fruit and vegetable after another into every meal and snack while on vacation this past weekend in Florida. Lunches consisted of grapes, apples, baby carrots, grape tomatoes, leafy greens, corn and bean salsa, in addition to pita chips and plenty of hummus for dipping!

Easter dinner was teamwork at its finest. Each of us (my mom and Thom, Greg’s parents, Greg and I) contributed to making a dish or two for the meal. I made roasted sweet potatoes and a strawberry pretzel salad that counted for both a side dish AND dessert! Killed two birds with one stone with that one 🙂 We also had corn pudding, pineapple casserole, asparagus, ham (I had to live without Easter ham for the first time in forever), and some leftover spring greens. 

We even made sure to dye some eggs that served as our centerpiece at the dinner table. When I say ‘we,’ I mean everyone except Greg’s mom and me. We were out spending our Saturday night grocery shopping for the big dinner just in time before the stores closed for the holiday. Regardless of who did the dying, the bright eggs made us feel more festive and put us in the Easter spirit. 
Greg and I made it back home Monday evening. We were both exhausted and had quite the early bedtime! I had the most difficult time waking up and getting to work yesterday, but somehow made it through the day. 
Keeping true to my trend of colorful meals, I made a very similar stir-fry as the Sweet Veggie and Cashew dish I made last week. 
I added all kinds of chopped vegetables to a hot skillet for dinner. After cooking for about 7-8 minutes, I added chopped cashews and then poured some of Trader Joe’s Island Soyaki sauce into the skillet to bring it all together. The finished stir-fry was added to a bowl with brown jasmine rice.

Having a plateful of every different color not only tastes great, but makes me feel great too. 
Let’s see if I can keep this streak of color going all week. 

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