Sunday Blessings – Mini Stay-cation

Today I am very grateful for the chance I had to spend this weekend as tourist in my own town.

One of the perks of working at my company’s conference this weekend was that I also got to stay at the hotel downtown since we had a few extra rooms. It was nice going out with friends on Friday night and not having to worry about driving 25 minutes back home. Instead, everything was within walking distance and I got to crash at the hotel. And boy did I crash hard. I slept in until 9:15 yesterday! Very unlike me. But very nice.

As much as I love the part of town I live in now, I loved getting to relive my downtown residency days.

Greg and I started our Saturday with a filling breakfast from Sweetwater Cafe, a diner-style restaurant I have always wanted to try.

I, of course, had blueberry pancakes.

Greg, of course, had biscuits and sausage gravy.

We both loved our breakfasts and especially loved it was relatively cheap! My short-stack of pancakes were $5.75 (including the addition of the blueberries) and the biscuits and gravy bowl was $6.75.

Sweetwater Cafe on Urbanspoon

We strolled King Street and the Market for the rest of the morning before going back to the hotel. I worked at the conference until about 5, then went back to my room to watch the end of the OSU game (which they dominated, btw). 
Before I knew it, it was time to figure out what was for dinner! I thought about Subway for a split second, then decided I needed to take advantage of being downtown and get something I don’t normally get to have. With a couple of possibilities in mind, I head out for a short walk before deciding on Bull Street Gourmet’s new(ish) location on King Street. Besides sandwiches and salads, the shop has a wide selection of bottled wines and groceries. This King Street location is huge compared to the original one where I would eat during college. I was very impressed and jealous that I can’t go there every single day. 
The only thing I have ever had from there is the Bull Street Chicken Salad Sandwich. Sooo good. But the Bull Street Burger on the specials board had me questioning my go-to sandwich. Jalapeno cream cheese, shaved red onion and arugula on top of a juicy burger? Ok, fine. 
Greg met up with me right as my food was served and grabbed himself a beer. I was debating buying a bottle of wine, but the burger distracted me until I finished every last bite. 
Bull Street Gourmet on Urbanspoon
We checked out of the hotel this morning and made our way back home. It was a great mini weekend getaway, but I am happy to be home and ready for a day of watching basketball while dinner cooks away in the crock pot!

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