Sunday Blessings – Rainy Days

I’ve been getting in the habit of writing my Sunday Blessings posts later in the day than my regular posts. Hope that’s okay with you. I’ve been taking advantage of waking up slowly on Sunday mornings, followed by church and quality relaxation time on the couch. With my mom and step dad in town this weekend, I also wanted to spend time with them rather than stuck to my computer.

So, what am I feeling blessed for this week?

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I realize a lot of people across the country right now probably wish they never have to see rain or go through a storm again. I feel terrible for those who have suffered from the storms that passed through the Midwest last week and into this weekend. I am so thankful nobody that I personally knew was harmed and my prayers go out to those who were.
It didn’t storm too much in Charleston, but it did rain and rain and rain all day yesterday into this morning. Days like that almost force you to stay inside and be lazy. That’s just what we did. 
Normally when my mom is in town, we spend hours walking around downtown, shopping and eating out. Although that may seem like more fun than staying inside all day, I think we all had a great time staying low-key.
I made Cinnamon Pecan Waffles for brunch from a mix that Greg’s mom bought me for my birthday, along with the waffle iron (thanks, Julia!). Everyone was a fan of the waffles and they beat anything we could have bought from a restaurant. 
With the porch door open, we spent the afternoon watching movies and listening to the rainfall. It’s such a pleasant noise, isn’t it?
We did venture outdoors in the evening for something though. Coleman Public House! Greg and I were so excited to let my mom and Thom in on the macaroni and cheese secret. I ordered my usual Macaroni and Cheese appetizer with grilled chicken added. The waitress told me all of the other servers were talking about what a good idea it was. I told her that if it makes it on the menu as a regular item, it better be named after me! Although, I have to admit I don’t think it really is that genius of an idea. But I’ll take any credit I can get. 
We were there early enough in the day that there was still natural light shining through the window and I could get a decent picture of the Fried Green Tomato appetizer.
Between the four of us, this was gone in about .8 seconds. I dug into the mac and cheese before bothering to take a picture of that though. 
It was still raining even after dinner so we headed right back home to sit inside some more. We weren’t about to call it a night without dessert though, so I baked something new and boy was it tasty. I will share all about that soon. 
The rain has finally stopped now. It was fun while it lasted, but I have had my fix and am ready for sunshine the rest of the week.
How do you like to spend rainy days?

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