King Cake and a Baby

Have you ever been to New Orleans? No? Neither have I. But I sure have a good taste of what it’s like after eating half of this King Cake yesterday. 
Sam, a good friend of ours from college that moved back to his home in Louisiana after graduating, sent us this cake. It came plain, with a bag of frosting and containers of sprinkles included so we (I) could decorate ourselves (myself). Greg doesn’t decorate cakes. Or maybe I just don’t let him. That’s a woman’s job 😉

I didn’t wait five seconds to tear the box open and get started.

You can never have enough frosting. 

King Cakes are traditionally decorated with Mardis Gras colors: green, purple and yellow. I used some of each before squeezing out the last of the frosting to finish it off.
How dang pretty is that? The box of cake even came with Mardis Gras beads! So fun 🙂
Another tradition with King Cakes is that there is always a small plastic baby hidden inside. Guess who found it in the very first slice?!
To celebrate my victory, I had another slice. And then just another sliver. Ok, maybe two slivers. And licked some frosting left behind on the bottom of the tray. Soooo delicious.
A King Cake is like one giant cinnamon roll. The parts towards the center were definitely best, but it was all good all around. 
I told Sam that I would bake him some cookies in exchange for the cake. Now that I have enjoyed this so much, I need to step up my game for the cookies. They are going to have to be my best. 
So what will it be? Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies, Frosted Sugar Cookies, or something new??

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