A Mexican Restaurant Review – Rio Grande

Back to the grind…in more ways than one! I’m starting off this week with an early morning teeth cleaning at the dentist. Ew. Ouch. Does anyone actually like the dentist? I mean, seriously, do dentists even like the dentist? I have to say, I think I have had some fairly decent dentists in my day. They do a decent job of making an uncomfortable experience bearable, but the six months between each visit always seems to go by way too quickly. 

It doesn’t help that I spend so much of my spare time baking and treating my teeth to their fair share of sugar. I really do brush all the time, and have gotten good about flossing too, but my teeth have also had their fair share of cavities. I don’t understand how it happens. I don’t know what more I can do. Hopefully today I will walk away cavity free. 
Was this teeth talk TMI? Sorry. 
Anywhoooo…Saturday night Greg and I made it back to Rio Grande, a Mexican (duh) restaurant nearby. 
For some reason, the margarita wasn’t as good as I remember from the first time we went. But I forgave them and enjoyed my meal anyway.

“Lite” Chicken Taco Salad for me. It was a tortilla shell bowl filled with refried beans, lettuce, tomato, grilled chicken, pepper, and a little fat-free cheese and sour cream. I was happy with my choice.

Greg had the Chicken Fajitas, which are always a winner. 
As I have found with most Mexican restaurants, the service here is fast and friendly. The chips and salsa are great, but I think they could work on the margs. And that’s an important component to a Mexican meal if you ask me.
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