Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Now that we have that taken care of, look at this amazing Valentine’s gift box my momma sent me (and Greg…I guess I can share).

I am actually relieved it wasn’t packed full of candy and baked goods. I have enough of that floating around already. Skittles and Sea Salt Caramel Almond bars were plenty sweet enough for me. I also got a cupcake shaped candle and that cute alligator card whose kissy lips are made of chocolate! I even got a wine glass and water bottle too. Gotta stay hydrated after drinking the wine 🙂
My mom has been sending my Valentine’s gift boxes ever since I moved away for college, but for some reason I taken by surprise this year. Thanks Mom, I loved it!
Since I already showed you what I made for Sweetheart’s Day in yesterday’s post, I wanted to share those white chocolate sugar cookies that I mentioned. 

These are the ones I made last year (pre-blogging, aka pre-somewhat decent photography). The sugar cookies are extra thick and chewy and melted white chocolate replaces standard vanilla frosting. Genius. These things are amazing, I tell ya. 
I don’t know how much Greg actually cares for Valentine’s Day (actually, I do know…the answer is NOT MUCH AT ALL), but since I love it so much, he puts a little effort in 🙂 
Even though sometimes he thinks I’m crazy…

Sometimes he realizes how many yummy things I bake (and how much I clean) that he shouldn’t let me go. 
We may be waiting to go out to a nice dinner until the weekend, depending if he can pull off getting a very last minute reservation for tonight or not. See, I told you he puts effort in…effort as in waiting until the night before Valentine’s Day to make a dinner reservation. 
Regardless of what we end up doing tonight, we will be celebrating this coming weekend because I have a special, surprise date planned for Sunday. Soexcited!! (yes, that’s one word.)
Whether you make Homemade Pop Tarts, White Chocolate Frosted Sugar Cookies or buy your dessert from the store (gasp!), I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! 


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