Sunday Blessings – What I Have

Hello Winter! I have been in North Carolina this weekend and it sure was cold. Greg and I drove up on Friday afternoon to surprise his mom for a birthday dinner. We made a weekend out of it and spent our time snuggling up with blankets on the couch. It was so cold! We just got back in town and I never thought 40 degrees would feel so good.

For breakfast this morning, I suggested Biscuitville, a fast-food chain with a menu full of biscuit sandwiches. Greg has mentioned before how much he liked the place in high school and we have never managed to make it there in all of our previous visits to his parent’s house. Well, today was the day to make it happen.

I had a fried egg and ham on a biscuit. It sure was delicious. 
The rest of the ride was fairly quite. I wrote a long to-do list and I am feeling extra motivated to knock it out today. 

#1 on the list: Blogging, of course!

Although I didn’t make it to church this morning, I was able to “keep holy the Sabbath” by listening to part of a sermon on the radio instead. I got so much out of it and knew it was just what I needed to hear to share for today’s Sunday Blessings.

The minister quoted verses from Psalm 10. I recommend reading the whole thing, but basically it’s a story of a “wicked man” who has filled his life with material things and rejects God. His thoughts are so consumed by earthy objects, that there is no room for God in his life.

Towards the end of the psalm we hear how God lifts up the helpless and those who may not have all of the material things. Those who called out to God in times of trouble are saved and will be eternally fulfilled, despite not having all they dreamed of while on earth.

It is so easy to get caught up in “things.” Clothes, cars, houses, even the ability to eat out at restaurants. Focusing my thoughts on my next dinner out or going shopping for a new outfit are all taking away from my time with God. It’s not to say that we can’t think about these things at all, because we are in fact human and sometimes we have to go shopping for new clothes or enjoy a nice meal out.

But spending time with God now is the only thing that will ensure an eternity of happiness. Not the clothes I wear or the car I drive.

The minister on the radio gave a great example, saying a millionaire can have a driveway full of expensive cars and live in a mansion, but if he is sick with cancer and can’t even leave the house, what is the point of it all? However, if a less wealthy man has a job, a family who loves him, and his health, then how can he say he is not “blessed”?

God always seems to reveal himself to me when I need it most. And hearing this on the radio this morning was the reminder I needed to re-prioritize some of the things in my life. It can be easy to think about what I don’t have, but the second I turn that around and think about what I DO have, my life suddenly feels so full.

I encourage you to try the same. It feels amazing.

Happy Sunday everyone! I’m off to tackle the rest of my to-do list!


One thought on “Sunday Blessings – What I Have

  1. Maybe God reveals Himself to us when we need it most because that's when He has our attention and we are listening. I ask Him daily and He usually answers–He just did in your post today! Thanks 🙂


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