Sunday Blessings – One Great Day.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! I don’t actually care about the game itself, but it’s always fun getting together with friends anyway.

Before that though, I will be doing a little shopping and hopefully taking a nap. I was up extra early this morning, because Greg’s parents are in town and we were the dog-sitters for the night.

Hailey is kind of adorable, but she was dealing with a lot of anxiety being in an unfamiliar location and whined a lot of the night. Then around 6am she just couldn’t lay still any longer and neither could I. 
It has been a great weekend so far and waking up extra early only extends it even more! So I really don’t mind. 
Yesterday I went for a long run, cleaned up the house and waiting for our company to arrive. When they did, it was time for lunch! With the weather being as beautiful as it is, we had to take advantage of being able to sit outside in the middle of this so-called “winter.” 
We went to Red’s in Mt. Pleasant that sides along the river. It’s a great place if you want an outdoor meal. Since I knew we head a big dinner ahead of us (part of the reason Greg’s parents came was to celebrate our birthdays from the past couple of weeks), I wanted a light lunch. But I still needed something that would hold me over for several hours, because we had a full day planned. 
I had the Red’s Shack Salad and added the grilled shrimp. It was good, but could have used some darker greens. Good enough to fill me up for the afternoon though.
The boys were dropped off at home while Greg’s mom and I headed out for some quality girl time shopping. After having no luck at a couple of stores, I finally found what I was looking for at Belk. I found a couple of tops that were all on sale. Success.
We just about shopped ’til we dropped and needed to energize with chai tea lattes.
Chai lattes were one of the first drinks I ever tried from Starbucks, back in my non-coffee-drinking days. I like their coffee drinks now too, but the chai will always hold a special place in my heart.
When we made it back home, it was time for even more girl time in the kitchen! Greg’s mom was finally able to teach me how to bake the coconut cake she makes for Greg that he L-O-V-E-S more than anything. Recipe and pictures to come tomorrow!
After baking we had a great dinner at Coleman Public House, another favorite of ours. Remember the mac and cheese? Seriously, I know we rave about it all the time, but it was even more amazing than I remembered. 
I ordered it the same way as last time we went by adding grilled chicken to it. They really know how to do it right. I wish I could make something this heavenly…
…Oh wait. I just about did! We returned home for slices of the coconut cake and it is to die for. Just wait until you see it 🙂 
Have a great day and enjoy your Super Bowl parties!

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