Sunday Blessings – The Power of Prayer

Happy 21st Birthday to my one and only beautiful sister Brooke!!!

Today is the official day, but we have already celebrated in a few different ways. First of all, I AM HOME in Columbus! As far as Brooke knew I was just spending another typical weekend at my home in Charleston. That is, until she found me hidden under a blanket on the couch when she got home from dinner on Friday night. Freaked out and shed tears of joy=successful surprise visit. 

First of all, BRRRR!

For almost a year now (since I saw snow last winter when I was here), I forgot how cold snow is. And how awful it makes it to drive. No me gusta. What’s that you say? It’s in the 70’s in Charleston??? Take me backkkk!

But I guess I can stick it out for Brooke’s big day 🙂

I am here for her, so we’re spending just about every waking moment together. Yesterday morning we painted our nails…

…drank some tea, then headed to breakfast at First Watch. 

I had this omelet when I was home over Christmas, and hardly even glanced at the menu before deciding this is what I wanted again. It tastes so fresh and healthy, but is so satisfying at the same time. A banana nut muffin on the side helped fill me up too though. And you can bet that wasn’t quite so healthy. The best part was that I had signed up for the restaurant’s eNewsletter recently and they sent me a birthday coupon, so my meal was free! 

Later in the day we visited my brother Austin at the boxing gym he works at part-time. He wanted to put us through a little workout and I wasn’t about to turndown some exercise. 

Turns out I’m not so great at being aggressive in the ring. I just don’t like hurting people, okay?! I know what you’re thinking, my weak punches probably couldn’t hurt many people, but just look at my face in that picture….looking angry doesn’t come easy and acting that way is even more difficult. 

Unless you mess with my cupcakes, then that is a different story.

Saturday night we headed to a Mexican restaurant for dinner with my dad, stepmom, stepsister, niece, and some of Brooke’s friends. Since my birthday is right around the corner, they surprised me with a little treat too!

Brooke and I were given sombreros and tequila shots while the wait staff sang us Happy Birthday.

The night wasn’t quite over, because hey, Brooke still had a few hours until she was technically 21. We met our cousins and some friends on OSU’s campus and had some fun counting down the last few hours until it was official.

Me and the Birthday Girl. Love love love.

It was quite the eventful night, but for the most part very fun and definitely memorable. 

I’m looking forward to the rest of my time home, celebrating even more with family tonight!

Most importantly, I feel so blessed to even be here at all. It has been a great weekend and it is a miracle that I made it home in the first place. You may have seen on the news about the massive snow storm that went through Chicago on Friday. Well, just my luck, because my flight to Columbus was scheduled to connect in Chicago. 

I prayed my heart out that I would make it home. I had my mom and Austin in on this surprise trip, so I know they were praying for me too.

I was trying to remain as patient and carefree as possible in the airport, knowing that the weather was so bad and it wasn’t looking promising. Even still, I kept praying that I would at least make it home by Saturday morning. 

God was right there, on my side like He always is, and I had no reason to doubt everything would work out. Wouldn’t you know it, but a connecting flight through Baltimore (with no bad weather or delays in sight) was supposed to leave right about the same time as my Chicago flight and the lovely people at Southwest switched me before I could even ask! 

I realize this little miracle may not seem like a big deal. And there are much more important prayers to be answered, but an answer from God like this is just another reminder that He will never leave us stranded or alone. 

I want to end with this Bible verse that I found to speak directly to me this weekend:

“Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and he delivered them from their distress. He made the storm be still, and the waves of the sea were hushed. Then they were glad that the waters were quiet, and he brought them to their desired haven.” -Psalm 107:28-30

The power of prayer is an amazing thing.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Blessings – The Power of Prayer

  1. I was blessed most when God looked around Earth and said, “Now who will I pick to be GG to these two beauties Britt and Brooke,” and He picked me!


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