Burgerz and Wine

Good morning! How is your week going so far? Just about half way through! Do I say that every Wednesday? Sorry. 
This past weekend, Greg and I knocked out two Groupons in one. I may or may not be on my way to becoming a crazy coupon lady….Ok, I only wish I could actually be one of those people who MAKE money off of using coupons at the grocery store. For now, I will settle for 50% burgers and wine. 
First, we headed to Wine Awhile, which I like to describe as Menchie’s for wine. You prepay for a card, then insert that card to a wine-dispensing machine. There were about 24 different wines to choose from and you can get a taste ($1-2), half a glass ($3-4) or whole glass ($5-6) at a time. 
Greg and I both love our reds- Merlots and Malbecs are our favorites. I did have a glass of red, but for some reason that night I was in the mood to try a white and I really enjoyed it. I should have payed more attention to the names of what I was drinking, but all of the choices were a little overwhelming so I just randomly picked a couple of different ones. 
A restaurant called Vino Burgerz is attached to Wine Awhile, and has a full menu of burgers that lists a recommended wine or beer with each one (they also have appetizers and salads). 
I bought the Vino Burgerz Groupon a week or so ago, figuring we could use it at the same time and that’s just what we did. Since the restaurant was full, we were even able to sit at Wine Awhile and be served our food there. 
Greg had the Sunshine Burger- a beef burger topped with bacon and egg. I was more than jealous of his sweet potato chips on the side. I don’t know what I was thinking not opting for those instead of regular fries.

I had the black bean burger. It was fairly spicy, which I really liked, and topped with corn salsa and a touch of sour cream. I haven’t had too many black bean burgers in my day, so without much to compare it to, it was good, but not great.
Both of our burgers were about $9-10. 
We had a good time and the self-serve wine is a great concept. I think Wine Awhile has live music every now and then, so I would be interested in going for that. Otherwise, I don’t know if we will return, but it was well worth the try, especially since we got all 5-6ish glasses of wine and two full meals for half off. Woohoo! 
Vino Burgerz on Urbanspoon
Time to get on with my day. Have a good one!


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