Sunday Blessings – My Senses Tell Me…

…so many things.

My sense of taste tells me how delicious this banana bread is that I’m having alongside a cup of tea for breakfast.

My sense of sight shows me the beautiful scenery from my “backyard.”
My sense of sound helps me hear the art of music to motivate me during long (…ok, mostly short) runs.
My sense of smell makes baking and cooking things like these even more worth it. Let’s be serious, food would not be as good without being able to smell it. And almost nothing smells better than chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven.
My sense of touch lets me feel the warmth of a blanket wrapped around me when it’s cold (yeah, I don’t have a pic for that one, sorry).
Eating my banana bread this morning, I realized how appreciative I am that I can taste food like that. And smell food like that. And feel the warmth of the food in my mouth. I know it might sound silly, but I just can’t even begin to imagine life without one of these senses. Yet, those who do have to live without one or even two, amazingly make it work. 
Each sense is so important and brings pleasure and pain in different forms. I don’t want to get too scientific (or biological? orrrr I don’t know what), but aren’t our senses just amazing? They all work together without us even having to think twice about it.
Even when our senses allow us to see violence, or feel freezing cold temperatures on our skin, or heaven forbid, smell your cookies burning, if it wasn’t for those “pains,” we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the good things. 
If you had to pick one sense to go without, which would it be??? I think I would have to let go of sound….??? AH! Is that crazy? I love music, and talking, and obviously there’s the safety issue. But all of the others are just so wonderful too. 
Hopefully we won’t have to make that decision though 😉

One thought on “Sunday Blessings – My Senses Tell Me…

  1. You are an amazing Woman and the world was Graced with you (in 9 days) 23 years ago and all my senses have since enjoyed the gifts of you! I SEE your beauty; I HEAR your love words ; I FEEL your hugs and touch; I SMELL the fragrance of your freshly shampooed hair; and I have TASTED from your many culinary works.
    I love this blog and post and I am a very Grateful Grand mother!


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