Restaurant Week Dinner at Bricco Bracco

If you read yesterday’s post, you knew it was Greg’s birthday. Of course we always go out to eat for special occasions like this, but it’s always up in the air as to who decides. This year we decided that we would each pick the restaurant for our own birthday. As much as I looove Bricco Bracco, I really want to try somewhere new for my day. So I was happy Greg chose BB for himself!

It’s so dark in the restaurant that I can never get good pictures, but I have to at least try. And the food is so good that they deserve to be shared.

Like I said yesterday, it is the beginning of Charleston Restaurant Week, where restaurants all around the city offer special menus (mostly 3-course menus) for a set price. So we were able to each get an appetizer, main course and dessert for $20 per person. Plus, Bricco Bracco was throwing in $3 glasses of house wine if you order from the special menu.

What you see here is my most favorite restaurant bread. And it’s even made in-house!
I started with the Tuscan White Bean and Potato Soup. Not amazing, but not bad by any means. 

My main course was the Cavatelli and Broccoli, served in an olive oil and garlic sauce. I opted not to add chicken, but that would have been a nice addition. Again, I wasn’t completely impressed with this dish, but glad I tried something new and was still not disappointed.
For dessert, you could choose from tiramisu or a cannoli. We got one of each. I loved the cannoli, but didn’t care much for the tiramisu…just not rich enough for my liking. 

Luckily, Greg didn’t care for the cannoli so I got the whoooolllleee thing!
Bricco Bracco on Urbanspoon
After dinner we were going to meet some friends for a drink downtown. To kill some time until they were ready, we browsed around Barnes and Noble. 
I found this journal and I WANT this journal.
I have to say thank you again to all of my family (mom, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, etc….literally EVERYONE) who found the most perfect cupcake-related gifts for me for Christmas this year. They were all so thoughtful and this journal just reminded me of that again. I know there’s a big cupcake fad right now so it’s not necessarily difficult to find these things, but even so, anything cupcake related makes me smile.
Then I saw this book.

I didn’t need to read any further than the title. I get the gist of it and that is my goal for this coming week: Throw out fifty things around my house. Whether that’s clothes (I will donate those, not just throw away), or old magazines (and don’t worry, I will recycle those), or food going bad in the fridge, I really do want to de-clutter my life. 
I already got my workout in for the day, followed by a protein shake (Mmmm), so my Saturday is off to a good start. I have a lot of errands to run and de-cluttering ahead of me so I better get to it!
What are you doing this weekend?
Ohmygosh and I completely forgot…I have the brownest of brown bananas that are ready to be turned into banana bread! That might just be the highlight of my weekend and it hasn’t even happened yet!


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