Time to Celebrate!

Happy Birthday to Greg! 

He’s not happy with me blogging over here (I’m writing this at night, by the way). He wants me to pay attention to whatever show is on tv right now. Little does he know I’m just trying to do something nice for him! Geeze!
I also must say happy birthday to my Mamanon, my late great-grandma. Her name was Adeline…where I get one of my two middle names! I never did meet her, as she passed away just weeks after I was born. But I know how amazing she was from all of the stories I have heard and it is so special to me that Greg’s birthday is the same as her’s was. Fate, I tell ya!
By the time Greg reads this, he will be sipping on (or probably already finished with) a surprise birthday Vanilla Latte to wake him up. 
While he thinks I’m waking up extra early to go for a run (sorry, not today), I will be driving to S-bucks for something special. Gosh, I’m so kind 😉
Anyway, happy Friday to everyone else! This day cannot go fast enough because we have dinner reservations tonight at our favey, Bricco Bracco. Remember this and this
It’s always a good choice no matter what, but tonight is going to be even better because it’s the start of Charleston Restaurant Week again and they have AMAZING deals. I. Can’t. WAIT!
We really don’t have many plans for the rest of this weekend, but that is never a bad thing. I am counting down these working hours already and excited for a birthday celebration followed by some much needed relaxation.
Have a good one!

3 thoughts on “Time to Celebrate!

  1. I celebrate with you Greg and Mamanon, my Mom, who make every January 13 and even Friday the 13th a very special day indeed! Salute all day, all year, always!


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