Sea Turtles, and Graveyards and Tortellini…Oh my!

What a weekend! 
Sorry for being MIA yesterday for my usual Sunday Blessings. Not that I wasn’t feeling blessed about anything, it was just much more of a hectic day than a typical Sunday around here and time got away from me. 
Greg and I started the day with church then headed straight downtown. We went to the market to pick up a few Christmas gifts, grabbed lunch at East Bay Deli (post on that tomorrow) and visited our friend Megan at the South Carolina Aquarium!
Megan works there and has been inviting us for a behind the scenes tour for months now. 
My favorite were the sea turtles. They even have a sea turtle hospital where sick and injured turtles are rehabilitated. This guy was my fave…
Then there were the more creepy animals. Like the snakes.

 Yeahhhhh, no thanks. I just about took off when the snake started slithering up Greg’s arm!

The view from outside of the aquarium is gorrrrgeoussss. 
This is where I live. I’m so blessed. Makes it hard to complain about anything when you can see views like this everyday. 
After our awesome private tour of the aquarium (thanks, Meg!!), we headed home and took a much needed nap. Then, with some energy built back up, Greg and I took a walk through the paths behind our complex. A few weeks ago on a walk we discovered an old hidden graveyard! Greg wanted to pay it another visit, although I’m too sure why.
It’s kind of creepy. And really, I feel like we are the only ones who know about it. I’m probably wrong though. Obviously someone knows, because there are pots of fake flowers everywhere. 
We made it out alive, no ghosts to be found, and were ready for dinner! 
Greg made himself a frozen pasta meal and I made myself tortellini. I LOVE tortellini so much that my brother often tells me I’m going to turn into one 😉 This particular past was Trader Joe’s Spinach and Cheese Stuffed Tortellini and it was delish. I added about half of a baked chicken breast leftover from a few nights ago and topped it all off with tomato sauce, grated parm and pepper. 
The rest of the night was pretty quite. We plugged in the Christmas tree lights, grabbed some bowls of ice cream and watched Netflix shows alllll night. 
How was your weekend?

One thought on “Sea Turtles, and Graveyards and Tortellini…Oh my!

  1. Hi Nitney, my weekend was great! Santa was at YOUR house with all the Cousins and we had a good party. Please, You and Greg are invited to come to Barry Trace to see me when you come to OH and maybe see us open presents.

    Merry Christmas!


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