Even More Sweet Potatoes – A Restaurant Review

After a Saturday morning walk around Old Salem, Greg, his dad and I headed to lunch in downtown Winston Salem. When I mentioned I was in the mood for something light, like soup or salad, Greg’s dad said he knew just the place.
As soon as I saw the sign I was so excited! I just literally just talking about my love for sweet potatoes. Now a whole restaurant dedicated to them?! Can’t get much better! 
Sweet Potatoes Incorporated on Urbanspoon
The menu was full of sweet potatoes, duh! You could even “build your own baked sweet potato,” but after having that for dinner twice in the last week, I was ready for something different. 

After perusing the menu as quickly as I could (and with a couple of “hurry up” looks from Greg), I finally decided on “The Basic Half.” This came with a half of a signature sandwich, I chose the pimento cheese on wheat, and a half house salad. The only place sweet potatoes made it into my meal was raw slices on my salad…..eh, not exactly what I was expecting.
The salad wasn’t anything special, but the pimento cheese was SO good! I wish I had a whole sandwich, not just half. 

Greg and his dad both had the “Fried Green Tomato, Lettuce and Bacon” sandwich with sweet potatoes on the side. They both loved it. 
Too be completely honest, since I wasn’t too hungry at the time, I was mostly focused on the salads and lighter options. So I had hardly even looked at the other sandwich options. Now that I am re-looking at the menu online, I would love to go back when I’m a little more hungry to try sandwiches like the “Sweet Potatoes Hot Brown: Sliced turkey with mushrooms and cheddar cheese sauce on a toasted sweet potato biscuit and topped with crumbled bacon.” Yes. I would looovvee a sweet potato biscuit!
This was such a cute place and I am so glad Greg’s dad showed it to us. I will definitely have to go again to try out some more sandwiches. And the desserts too!!


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