Sunday Blessings – Memories

Life is weird sometimes. Like, really weird. I get on these unstoppable trains of thought every once in awhile about the concept of life and society and spirituality. Ah! Trying to make sense of it all can drive me halfway to insanity. Temporarily of course.
Then I see a cupcake out of the corner of my eye and I’m back to reality and onto ideas much easier to process. Cake in individual-serving form with a swirl of frosting on top. Maybe even some sprinkles. Oh, I understand that just fine.
But life? Boy oh boy. I won’t drag you along with my mind-boggling thoughts, except just one: Memories.
Good or bad, memories are an amazing thing. They are not a material or physical thing, but I am sure memories are yet another one of God’s gifts to us. Not even just memories themselves, but the capability for us to retain those memories for a lifetime…well, hopefully a lifetime anyway 😉 
For some reason, this weekend has been filled with memories coming back to me from different times of my life. Nothing life-changing really. More like seeing a certain movie on TV, reminding me of my my sister who I saw it with for the first time. Or driving by Greg’s old house in Winston-Salem, reminding me of my very first visit there to meet his family when we had first started dating. Or even hearing a song on the radio, reminding me of recording a music video with my middle school best friend, interpretative dancing throughout the whole song (gosh, I was so cool back then). 
Then there are pictures like this that really bring back the memories:
How dang cute is Brooke as Baby Bop? It seriously kills me. I remember how she had to stuff a pillow inside of that costume to fill it out. And I can still remember the smell of that pink face paint on my nose. AND I remember that little pouch that is hanging from Ryan’s belt was filled with little plastic coins. I really like those coins for some reason. 
Looking back on times like this is so special to me. The time I am spending with those in my life today is making memories like this for the future. 
Recently, I have been counting down the days until Christmas break, going on vacation and seeing my family again. But with all of these random events triggering memories from 15 years ago up to one year ago, I realize how much I already have to be thankful for. While it is exciting to think about the upcoming events, I could just sit here smiling all day thinking about my short life up to this point. 

3 thoughts on “Sunday Blessings – Memories

  1. An audible sigh and a smile is what this post and picture did for me! These memories and more in the making are the REAL never ending Gifts of Life!!
    Thank You for the Gift of Spirit you just stirred in me!


  2. I hear you sis. I have thoughts about different things in life to and it can be kind of weird. And you look so cute in that bunny costume!!!


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