Happy Birthday Cookies

Happy 50th birthday to the best dad in the world! I know everyone thinks their own dad is the best….yeah, yeah, yeah, say what you want. You can’t beat mine πŸ˜‰

Since I can’t be with him on the big day, I sent my dad his favorite thing to help celebrate. (Dad, if for some reason they still haven’t made it to you then….SURPRISE! Hopefully they make it today or I’m going to be upset with the post office again!)
Warm, fresh chocolate chip cookies. Ok, so they aren’t going to be warm or quite as fresh for him, but they are still delicious (trust me, I saved one or two for myself…only the ugly ones of course).Β 

I can’t tell you how proud I am of these cookies. They were true bakery-style cookies. Extra large. Thick. Chewy on the inside. Crispy on the outside.Β 

Chocolate chip cookies are normally never my first choice. Give me oatmeal raisin,Β snickerdoodle, or even white chocolate macadamia nut. But these chocolate chip cookies? These could put up a strong fight against any of those. They were the perfectly salty and sweet. Plus, I think I there was more of a chocolate chip-to-dough ratio than I am used to, which didn’t hurt onnne bit!
Are convinced of their awesomeness yet?
Dad, you deserve the best and that is why you are getting a box full of the best chocolate chip cookies in the world! I hope you agree πŸ˜‰ And I hope you enjoy every last bite (but feel free to share with the fam…if you can help it). I would not be where I am in life today without you and all of your sacrifices for me and our family as a whole. I love you so much and cannot wait to see you over Christmas.
The recipe I used came from Jenny at the Picky Palate. I made her Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies before and almost died in awe of deliciousness (you can find my post about that here). As good as those were, I remember loving the cookie dough itself almost just as much. So when it came time to choose a recipe for Dad’s b-day cookies, I knew this would be it! The only change was eliminating the Oreos. But don’t worry, you won’t miss them this time.Β 


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Cookies

  1. Loveeeeee the look of these! Hopefully he gets them today so I can indulge πŸ™‚ Love you Britt and LOVE YOU DAD!!! xoxoxoxo


  2. You definitely got your Chocolate Chip cookie baking genes from your Birthday (50!) Dad! Your Dad baked a nice fresh batch (from scratch) of CC cookies before bringing you home from the hospital after your birth. Of course you couldn't enjoy Dad's baking for several months but I bet he put some cookies dough on your lips. πŸ™‚ You do us all proud, the best gift a Dad could have!


  3. My mouth was watering reading your description. Hope you don't forget the recipe before I get a chance for a sample someday. Love you Brit and am so proud of you.


  4. her basic base chocolate chip cookie dough recipe (even w/out the oreos) is my favorite too. the ingredient ratios are perfect and make for a thicker, not-so-flat cookie which i how i prefer them and obviously how u prefer them and i think a lot of people prefer them. I'm not into the toll house recipe (that spreads all over the pan) all of jens cookies come out thicker like this. its because each recipe calls for more flour than other standard recipes.


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