Sunday Blessings – TVs and Ice Cream

I am feeling extremely grateful for days like this. Days where I can lounge around all day, take a nap (or two) and not have to think about much of anything at all. This brain of mine is turned off for the rest of the weekend.

This week took it out of me. “It” being energy. There really wasn’t anything unusual about this past workweek, but for some reason I was exhausted come Friday night. That didn’t mean I could come home and relax quite yet. Someonneeee was ready to go buy an early Christmas present for himself.

We are finally living in the 21st Century! Because this is what we have been dealing with:
Although I left all of the TV research and decision-making up to Greg, I have to say I am very excited about the new addition to our household.  It has 3D capability, although I can’t imagine we will be using too much of that anytime soon. And the salesman threw in a blu-ray player for free!
As compensation for tagging along with him to buy the TV, I told Greg we had to stop for ice cream on the way home. When it’s in the 40s outside, ice cream is a normal craving, right? Even though a hot drink from Starbucks next door may have made more sense, I have been carrying around a gift card to Cold Stone since LAST CHRISTMAS!! My brother Ryan got it for me, but unfortunately the only one around isn’t the most convenient. Since the Cold Stone was right by where we were picking up the TV, I knew I just had to go. 
With $25 to spend, I made the tough choice to stock up while we were there.  Boy was that a difficult decision to make….spending $25 on ice cream at once??…Ok fine! 🙂
I stuck with the semi-healthier option of their Sinless Sweet Cream (non-fat and no added sugar) with blueberries and strawberries mixed in. Although I did “love it,” I ordered the “like it” size. If you aren’t familiar with Cold Stone’s sizing options, your choices include “Like It,” “Love It,” and “Gotta Have It.” Cute, huh?
That left more than $20 left to be spent with my gift card. Greg ordered a cookies ‘n cream milkshake. Then we bought a half gallon of cake batter ice cream and a 4-pack of cookie ice cream sandwiches to take home. 
Oh my ice cream goodness. I forgot how much I like love gotta-have Cold Stone. 
After this TV/ice cream adventure, I was more than ready for sleep. Saturday consisted of running, shopping and office holiday party-ing! Our party was at the American Theatre on King St. downtown (the theatre shown in The Notebook!). We had a good time, but again I was ready to crash by the time we got home. I even slept in until after 9am today! I can’t remember the last time that happened. 
The rest of the day will involve watching a lot of movies and football on our new TV and hopefully learning to use all of the new remotes that came with it! Seriously, we now have 4 remotes. Not to mention the iPhone app Greg just downloaded so he can control the TV from his phone too. 
A little excessive don’t you think? 

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