Double Chocolate Pumpkin Cake

What kind of desserts did you have for Thanksgiving? I bet they weren’t as good as this!
Chocolate cake is not normally one of my faves, but this isn’t just a chocolate cake. It’s a Double Chocolate Pumpkin Cake.
I gave you a preview after Thanksgiving last week. And I wasn’t lying when I said this cake was the star of the day. My family was raving about it the entire weekend like I have never heard before. I have already been told I must make it again when I get home for Christmas. 
The “double chocolate”-ness comes about because it is obviously a chocolate cake, but what you can’t see are the mini chocolate chips mixed in. The chocolate chips took the cake to the next level…at least that’s what I’m contributing part of the deliciousness to. 
The pumpkin flavor on the other hand was a bit lost in the chocolate. I think the pumpkin helped with the overall texture and moisture of the cake, but did not play a large role in the flavor. 
I actually found that I liked this best by pairing it with a slice of pumpkin pie. Sometimes I would alternate bites and other times I just ate the two at once. Mmm, mmm, mmmmmmm!
I followed the recipe for the cake exactly as shown by Jenny from the Picky Palate. Instead of using her recipe for the Pumpkin Spice Buttercream, I used store-bought cream cheese frosting and stirred in about a teaspoon or two of cinnamon (per Jenny’s recommendation…thanks Jenny!) Check out her blog for this and a million other amazingly creative and delicious recipes!

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