It Doesn’t Get Much Better

If you had half the Thanksgiving I did, then you had it pretty good. Because mine was awesome! From start to finish, the day really could not have been better.

I know I already talked about the Turkey Day Run on Thursday morning, but that was the perfect way to start a day full of consumption. After the race, we came home to shower and clean up then it was time to party!

GG, my grandma, showed me how to make a great bellini. Since I have recently retired my blender, we had to skip out on grinding up peach slices. Instead we used a peach-mango juice and champagne. It was delish. 

Meanwhile, Brooke and Paw Paw relaxed on the couch…and I snapped a few sneaky pics. 
The bellinis helped pass the time as the turkey cooked, which seemed like forever by the way! Slowly but surely the bird’s internal temperature rose. We were counting along as we watched the temp rise and I yelled when it finally hit the magic number…165! Time to eat!
Thom was in charge of the turkey. And we really couldn’t have had it any other way. That thing intimidates me and nobody else here was about to take that on. I did baste it a time or two. So I did contribute in some way. 
Besides the turkey, our fancy spread consisted of mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, green bean casserole, corn pudding, stuffing and rolls. 
Like I said: Fancy. Don’t you like our plastic cups and paper plates 😉 I do. And it was extra easy to clean up, especially with GG’s help. Thanks, G!
A quick look at my plate before digging in…..just about a little of everything. My favorite sides were definitely the stuffing and corn pudding. 
Dinner was all and good, but the star of the show was this:
I will share the recipe another day, but let me just tell you that will now be on my list of favorite desserts. And that’s saying a lot considering all of the competition out there for me. It wasn’t just me that loved this cake either. My entire family has been raving about it for the past two days. My mom even said, “Oh em gee! This is so good!” Ha 😉
Those are just the highlights, but honestly this was one of the best Thanksgivings I can remember. Unfortunately my brothers and Greg couldn’t be here (AND I MISSED ALL MY BOYS SO MUCH!). The brothers were home in Columbus and Greg was in Atlanta with his family. Besides missing them, we had a great day. I can’t say enough how thankful I am for my family and their sacrifices to drive hours and hours to come visit me in my new home away from home. 
This morning Brooke and I are going for a walk then heading to the downtown farmers market. Greg will be home this afternoon and we have a day packed full of football and more leftovers! 
Have a great weekend!

5 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Get Much Better

  1. Britt: It was great Thanksgiving. I am stuffed and will take weeks to work off the calories. Unfortunately that will take me into the Christmas season. I am doomed.


  2. From now on GG means 'Grateful 'Guest' for that I was as the Hostess gave us limitless cause for Gratitude and Thanksgiving beginning with hugs, great food, beverages (Bellini's made with 'Cupcake Prosecco' :), and lots of smiles and love!
    For sure I'll try to keep the Peace of the weekend but hope I can lose the calories!


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