Return of the MAC! And a Fruit Crumble

This past week felt so long to me. Did anyone else feel that way? Needless to say, I am more than ready for the weekend!

Greg and I started off by finally heading back to the home of Charleston’s best mac and cheese!

Coleman Public House.

Coleman Public House on Urbanspoon

If you’re wondering if that is a fact then, yes. I have complete authority to declare the mac and cheese at CPH to be the best in town. And it is.

Ok, obviously I don’t actually have that authority. And I have to admit I can’t really think of too many other places around that I have had mac and cheese. But this place has it down. If anyone can make it better, I would love to taste it. (Seriously, please? Can I try? I’ll be the best taste tester you’ve ever had.)

We started with an order of the Garlic French Fries to split, again another winner from last time.

After trying a couple bites of Greg’s mac and cheese side dish last time we went, I knew that I needed to order a plate skillet of mac for my main entree this time. To fancy it up a bit, I asked to have grilled chicken added on top. At first the waitress thought it was a strange request, but when she brought it out to me, she said, “This actually looks really good! Good idea!” 
Yes. I know. Thank you.
Greg ordered exactly what he got last time: The Southern Burger and mac on the side. 

We both agreed the food was all around as good as we remembered. Adding the chicken to my pasta was genius. The seasonings were delish. I can’t wait to have my leftovers for lunch today. Too bad it’s only a few bites. 
After dinner, we didn’t really know what to do. I had originally suggested going to a movie. We haven’t been to the theater in foreverrrr. But there was nothing showing that we really cared to see. Sooo we opted to do something really cool and go look at books at Barnes and Noble. What a Friday night, huh? 
The bookstore was filled with middle school kids running wild, but besides that I enjoyed checking out the books. Especially cookbooks. Duh.
We got home and I made myself a makeshift fruit crumble. 
Microwave a little oatmeal, mix in some fruit (apples or blueberries are my favorites for this) and cinnamon, and top with a BIG scoop of vanilla ice cream (not shown here….I was too excited to eat it). Whipped cream works too.
I just finished a semi-long run and am looking forward to relaxing and watching football the rest of the day…which may or may not be relaxing depending on how our teams play. Then I have a dinner date with a girl friend tonight! We haven’t decided where we are going yet though so I’ll have to think of something good. 
Have a great day!! Gooooo BUCKS!

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