Instant Banana Ice Cream

Slice it.
(Twist it.)
Freeze it.
(Turn it.)
Blend it.
(Pull it.)

You all remember Bop It!, right? Gosh, my siblings and I loved that game. They came out with a second version at one point in my youth, and I am sure there are even more than that now. This banana “ice cream” just takes a few simple steps like that to make. It could be its own version of Bop It! Might get a little messy though.
I had been seeing this recipe for some time now. Here, here, andddd here just to name a few. I am probably the last person food blogger to make this incredibly easy ice cream. 
I recently bought a crock pot! WoOhOo! So exciting. But I am still missing a few very essential appliances for a food-obsessed individual like myself. 1. Food processor. 2. Ice cream maker! 
…Not that I would make ice cream all the time, because from the recipes I have seen, homemade ice cream appears to take some patience. Mayfield’s Birthday Cake Ice Cream is in the freezer at the grocery store instantly, whenever I want it. When I want ice cream, I don’t have time to mess around and wait overnight for the stuff to freeze. 
This banana “ice cream” recipe (I don’t know if I need to keep putting it in quotes, but technically it’s not ice cream, so I feel like I should) is about a good as compromise as you can get. 
Banana Ice Cream
Makes 1 serving
1-2 frozen bananas, sliced
Choice of toppings (I used ginger wafers, chocolate chips and marshmallows)
1. Place sliced bananas in blender and pulse for 2-3 minutes until banana reaches the consistency of soft-serve ice cream. Pause to scrap down sides of blender as needed.
2. Pour in bowl and top as desired. 

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