The Cupcake Masacre of 2011

This weekend was full of good food and relaxation…with one exception.

Let’s start with Saturday morning. On the first Saturday of every month, the clubhouse at our complex hosts a free breakfast courtesy of Honeycomb Cafe, a restaurant on the island.

I have only been living here for a few months, but Greg has been living here for almost a year and a half. In that entire time, I have not made it to a single breakfast. I love these kinds of things (free food, duh!), but something has always come up on the first Saturdays of the month and it just hasn’t happened for me. When I realized a few weeks ago that I would finally be able to go to this one, I started counting down the days.

I had an omelet with ham, artichokes, onion, roasted red peppers and mozzarella cheese, made especially for me at the omelet station. I also had a potato medley on the side, with a small slice of blueberry bread for a little something sweet. The omelet was awesome, the potatoes were even better. Thankfully, the bread wasn’t anything special so I just had a bite and didn’t let the empty calories tempt me any more than that.
Now for that “exception” to my great weekend I was talking about. On Saturday there was an event in Charleston called Cupcake Camp. I signed up to be a baker months ago, but all last week I was questioning whether or not I was actually going to follow through with it. Greg was the only one I had even really told about it, mostly because in my head I still wasn’t sure if it was going to work out. First of all, I had no time to prepare. Second of all, I knew there were going to be bakers there who are much more experienced than I may ever be. I was intimidated to say the least. 
Friday night I had decided I would bake a couple batches of cupcakes and depending on how they turned out, I might just go to the event. Saturday after our clubhouse breakfast, I got back to the kitchen to frost the cupcakes I had baked and get them ready to go. They were looking decent enough and decided I was going to go for it. 
The event was meant to bring people out to eat free cupcakes, but there was also a competition aspect of it. I thought I could enter these candy corn cupcakes into the Thanksgiving Theme category (even though candy corn is more for Halloween, but oh well!). I also made some double chocolate cupcakes.
I packed the cupcakes in some disposable containers and filled my cupcake tree full of some others. But as soon as I started driving, I was terrified I wasn’t going to make it with the cupcakes in one piece. Everything was sliding and bouncing around. I still had to pick up Greg from a friend’s house first and was literally at the last stop light when BAM! The cupcake tree full of cupcakes tipped over in my front seat.
I was so upset. As I sat there at the red light, I tried to pick them up quickly. When I looked up, the light was green and the cars in front of me were already out of sight. So I accelerated a bit too quickly, made my turn, and the container of the most perfect cupcakes for the judges slid across the floor and under my seat. 
At this point I was beyond over it. I was speechless. When I got to Greg’s friend’s house, I told him just to go look in my car so he could see what a mess I had just made.
With only about a dozen “good” cupcakes remaining, I knew there was no way I could go to Cupcake Camp now. That would just be embarrassing. Like this wasn’t bad enough.
Instead of crying about it, I managed to hold myself together while eating one of the cakes that survived. It was yummy. I wish I could have shared with everyone at Camp, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be. 
This isn’t the end of my cupcake nightmare either. That night, I was getting home late from babysitting and had my hands full with everything, including the container with the few remaining cupcakes. I was balancing it all in my hands when the wind swept under the container and tipped it right out of my hand.
Cupcakes all over the sidewalk. Yup, it really couldn’t have gotten much worse. 
After all of this mess, I was thrilled when Greg offered to take me to brunch Sunday morning. I told him I didn’t mind making pancakes or something, but he wanted to treat me. Although he said it was “my day” and I could pick wherever I wanted, he kept pushing for DIG. I couldn’t think of anywhere better so we headed to our favorite island spot.
Last time we went there for brunch, I had this same bagel sandwich, but it was just a little on the burnt side. This time it was PERFECT. Instead of grits on the side, I got fruit and was pleasantly surprised with the mix. Watermelon, cantaloup, honeydew, strawberries, grapes and pineapple. That’s a lot of variety!
Greg had the spicy sausage Biscuits and Gravy, which was deeee lish. 
We spent the rest of the day grocery shopping, cleaning, napping, eating homemade pizza (recipe tomorrow!!) and FREE Menchie’s. Not bad if I say so myself.
After a day like that I can barely remember the Cupcake Masacre of 2011.

One thought on “The Cupcake Masacre of 2011

  1. I just read today, “In Real Life, Serenity is coping and coping well”! It sounds like you passed a nightmare test this weekend and because of your example of coping, I am inspired! “Today, I will Cope well too”!


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