Spontaneous Sushi at Umi

About half way through the day yesterday, I was talking to Greg and we both agreed it was not the best of days. Work was taking its toll on us. No particular reason, it was just one of those days. Anyway, I was already thinking about what dinner would be and thinking how I had no desire to cook whatsoever.

Date night!

I really wasn’t planning on spending more money on food this week…we’ve been grocery shopping so much recently. But there was no way I was going to cook.
Greg and I met up after work and he left it up to me to decide where to go. Knowing how indecisive I am, you can imagine how long it took me to choose. Even after I said I wanted to fulfill my sudden (as in the last couple of weeks) craving for sushi and picked a place, I kept naming other restaurants until the moment we parked the car. Like I said, I’ve been wanting to try sushi. I tried a bite a couple of years ago and didn’t hate it, but wanted to give it another go.
UrbanSpoon helped us choose the right place: Umi Japanese Restaurant.
I wasn’t expecting much, but the atmosphere was much nicer than expected. Not a five star restaurant by any means, but definitely not the standard Asian take-out place. The lights were dim and there were booths along the wall for semi-private seating. We were seated right away and checked out the menu. Greg already knew he wanted hibachi chicken. It took me just a few minutes longer to choose what sushi I would try for my first real experience.
I went with the Spicy Shrimp and Cucumber. As always with my restaurant photography, this doesn’t look nearly as pretty as it did in person. And that’s actually a white sauce on top, not yellow.


I also ordered a side of vegetables. Yes, that is their “side” portion. Enormous. Half of that will be my lunch today.
I did like the sushi, but I think I am ready to turn it up a notch and not get something so mild next time. It wasn’t the least bit spicy for me. Maybe spicy in terms of sushi means something different? I don’t know. Either way, I am excited to join the sushi-eating world and try new kinds. One of the other types of rolls that appealed to me was the Philly with salmon, cream cheese and cucumber. Yum.
The service was extremely fast and our total was right around $20. For a good meal and pleasant atmosphere, it doesn’t get too much better.
Until this…
Menchie’s just happened to conveniently be right on the way home. With the BOGO coupon that came in the mail last week, Greg and I both got bowls of froyo for $2.09!!
You: “Are you kidding??”
Me: “Nope!”
Now, it doesn’t get too much better than THAT.
I think I’m in love with Menchie’s. Everything about it. Especially the combination I had tonight. Pumpkin, Praline Pecan and Country Vanilla topped with strawberries and cherries…NOT mixed with the pumpkin side though. Don’t you worry. I am a pro at pairing the right toppings with the right froyo and keeping them separated. Finally I added a pump or two of marshmallow cream to finish it off.
Goodness gracious. That was a good night.
The end.

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