Single Serving Pumpkin Cakes

I was experiencing pumpkin overload a couple weeks ago. Not even just baking and eating it, but just reading about it on every other blog was getting to be overwhelming. I almost made myself sick of it. ALMOST.

After a couple of short days of avoiding the beloved fall flavor, I was ready to rekindle our relationship.

Although Mrs. How Sweet created these precious babies as a breakfast cake, I wanted them for dessert. As you might have figured out already, I love recipes that make just enough for a serving or two. The batter filled two ramekins of cake, but it actually probably could have served three or four. And that’s saying a lot coming from me. I can normally eat large portions of dessert, no problem. Then again, maybe I just had a big dinner so wasn’t as hungry. I don’t remember. Either way, one ramekin per person is plenty.

I have to say, I should have used the original name of these as a hint that they might not be the best dessert. They were not as sweet as I expect desserts to be. Greg just about licked his clean and thought it was delicious (interesting because he has previously told me he doesn’t like pumpkin. Hmm…). So I guess they do make a great dessert for some. But next time I would stick to making these for breakfast. They would be great in the morning as more of a pancake type of thing. 
Check out How Sweet It Is for the recipe!
I am glad to be back on the pumpkin band wagon, because I still have at least five more recipes I want to make before fall is over! 
What has been your favorite pumpkin food (or drink!) so far this year?


2 thoughts on “Single Serving Pumpkin Cakes

  1. Pumpkin Pie still at número UNO! And using can pumpkin and the recipe on the can, I double the amounts for all the spices…Um Um good!


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