Life-Changing Mac and Cheese…and more.

My life has been forever changed.

This little adorable mini-skillet full of smoked gouda mac and cheese is to. die. for. TDF if you will.
I was surprised when I got home from work and Greg told me he was taking me on a date. On a Tuesday? Ok, why not! There’s no way I’m passing up a date, no matter what day of the week. We went to a new place for the both of us, Coleman Public House. I had never heard of it, but can now say I was 100% impressed and Greg won major points with this one. 
We started with a couple of drinks, beer for him and wine for me.
I was more than satisfied with the pour of wine. It wasn’t one of those “we’re a fancy restaurant and will give you a half a glass even though you’re paying twice as much” kind of places. It was a nice full glass. Greg really liked the wheat beer he ordered from their extensive beer selection too.
Then we went with the House Cut Garlic French Fries as an appetizer. It was definitely an impulse buy, but I wasn’t going to let myself leave the restaurant without trying the fries with a name like that.
The fries were very good and I loved how they were served in the cone shaped thingy-majiggy (if you know a better term for that, let me know). They were a little too greasy for me, but I accepted it and ate them anyway 🙂
Now back to that mac and cheese I mentioned earlier. I am having a hard time even putting my feelings into words about this mac and cheese amazingness. Each cheesy noodle is a taste of heaven. 
The side of this mac and cheese that came with Greg’s meal could have been my entire dinner. Next time, and there will be a next time…as in tomorrow maybe?….I am ordering this all for myself. 
Greg’s main dish was the Southern Burger: Pepperjack, Fried Green Tomato, Spicy Remoulade. Also, fairly close to perfection. 

Neither of us were sure about how the fried green tomato would taste on top of a burger, but I suggested Greg could just eat it by itself if the combination didn’t quite work. I don’t know what I was thinking. Obviously if the genius behind the mac and cheese thought it would also be a good idea to top a juicy burger with a fried green tomato, it must be good! And it was. 
I’m over here talking like this was my meal too. Not exactly. I ordered something for myself, but Greg has learned that I almost always have to try a bite of whatever it is he orders as well. 
I got the Godfather Flatbread: Sopressata, Fresh Mozzarella, Arugula, Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  

Even though I had to ask the waitress what sopressata was (salami), I chose this flatbread among the list of other tempting variations. The sopressata combined with the mozzarella, arugula and olive oil, it was absolutely delish. 
The flatbread was more than enough for me, partly because I ate half of Greg’s mac and cheese and partly because it really is just so darn big!
I somehow managed to stop myself from indulging in every last bite of all of this and packed up a few slices of flatbread to take home.
Can’t wait to eat those leftovers for lunch!
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2 thoughts on “Life-Changing Mac and Cheese…and more.

  1. Wish there were .a “Coleman Pub' near me. Your pictures are great but your descriptions even better! Fried Green Tomatoes on a burger, especially a Veggie burger like I prefer—Yummy!


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