Friday Frenzy

Those words, Friday Frenzy, basically sum up my morning. I was running around like a mad woman trying to get my life in order before leaving town after work this evening.

Greg and I are going to the Auburn vs. Clemson football game tomorrow at Clemson. I haven’t been to a real college football game in probably six years.
I. So. Cited!!!!
I was baking for the tailgate alllllll night. The kitchen is a disaster. There are cookie dough handprints on the fridge and sprinkles all over the floor. 
I didn’t even use sprinkles. Hm….
Then came packing. We are hitting the road as soon as I get home from work later this afternoon. I was throwing clothes around as I found what I need to pack. This unusually cool weather is throwing me off. I love it, but I wasn’t quite prepared. I just bought a dress for the game, but now I’m packing jeans and a sweater in case it’s too cool for the dress.

All of this running around made me hungry. Usually when I am up eating cookie dough and the broken brownies (you know, the ones that accidentally break and are no longer pretty enough to serve so you just have to eat them right then and there) late at night, I don’t wake up hungry. But I was starvin’, Marvin.

The apple corer/slicer is a well-used tool in my kitchen. 

An english muffin lightly smothered (<–is that even possible? I think so!) with peanut butter and honey. A sweet, juicy apple, my favorite fruit. Perfecto!

It’s going to be a good day 🙂

I don’t know if I will reach the high I did yesterday when one of our sales reps at work surprised us marketing girls with cookies! These cookies were so amazing. There are five of us and she brought five different cookies. Thank goodness everyone else is as indecisive as I am, so we cut them all up into pieces so we could try a little of each.

They are from Mosaic Cafe in Mount Pleasant. I hadn’t ever heard of it, but now I will never forget! They instantly won my business.
Have a great day!


4 thoughts on “Friday Frenzy

  1. You are incredible! Everytime I read this I am more and more amazed. Have fun at the game tomorrow. Can't wait to see you to eat some of your yummy food 🙂


  2. Brittany! Mosaic is from Richmond, VA where I went to high school! It's sooo good! Those are the best cookies on the planet. try the m&m warmed up! – Ails


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