Goin’ Nuts

We’re goin’ nuts for peanuts in this place.

Can you tell?
Greg came home from work with a grocery bag filled completely full of raw peanuts from one of his clients (the stories he tells me of some of his clients are toooo funny. Honestly, some people’s lifestyles are so amazing to me).
I didn’t know what the heck we would do with a bagillion and a half peanuts, but Greg did. He wanted to boil them. So he got right to it. 
And the next day, he was still boiling peanuts. 
A couple of weeks ago when I was in D.C (eating this, this, this and this…yes I know we ate a lot), Greg was still boiling peanuts.

You would think we would have run out by now, right? Wrong. We still have half of the bag of raw nuts and three or four small bags of boiled ones in the fridge. We just cannot possibly eat them fast enough. It’s getting ridiculous. 
Greg is becoming quite the boiled-peanut expert. He has now mastered salty, sweet honey, and hot and spicy varieties. 

We have been eating them by the pound over here. I don’t think I can take it anymore.
Who wants some peanuts??? I’ll send them to you wherever you are. I just need them out of my house. 
Salted Boiled Peanuts
(According to Greg*)
Raw peanuts (still in their shells)
1. Fill a large pot with water and add about a tablespoon of salt. Place pot on stove over high heat until water begins to boil.
2. Add desired amount of peanuts and a few more shakes of salt.
3. Boil for a minimum of of two hours, stirring occasionally (Greg boiled these for about three hours)
4. Drain peanuts, grab a bowl for the shells, and start eating!
*I did not take part in this venture, besides watching. Greg did not follow certain measurements so this “recipe” is based off of his memory. He was basically just winging it. And you should too. 

One thought on “Goin’ Nuts

  1. Boy, Uncles Dick and Butch would love to live next to you and help you deal with those peanuts! One big reason they like eating at Roadhouse Grill–they can throw the shells in a bucket or on the floor.
    Save some for our next visit!


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